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The "Mrs. Pitcher" - an 18th century Cap

While the story of Molly Pitcher makes for a great anecdote, the details of this fabled woman have been much debated. On the surface, it is a heroic tale of the determination of women to take up the fight against tyranny. However, we must acknowledge that the freedoms granted at the start of this nation were intensely limited.

More to the point, this pattern and its name were inspired by women throughout our history who have fought for what they believe in, even at great personal risk. Perhaps Molly Pitcher is pure imagination, beu we can all find inspiration in her example, and stand our ground when it really matters.

In the spirit of the mystery and lack of primary sources that would validate the tale of Molly Pitcher, this cap design draws from a variety of sources rather than a single extant garment or period image. Details of the “Mrs. Pitcher” cap are authentic to the 1770s, and are suitable for impressions centered in the action of the American Revolution and the years immediately following (approximately 1770-1785).

Like our other cap patterns, this cap is designed with practicality in mind, and is perfect for daily wear and all classes/economic tiers. It's basically sweatpants for your hair, and can be worn over historically styled "higher" styles of hair, or stuffed with tissue paper (or anything else you can think of!) to mimic a more fashionable style with minimal effort. There are two versions included in this pattern, with directions for either a gathered or pleated ruffle.

Find the Mrs. Pitcher pattern in out Etsy store now! Paper patterns and kits coming soon.

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