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Exciting Shop Updates!

I am SO pleased to announce that materials kits, supplies, and a small selection of ribbons are now available in the Goodwives Linens Etsy store.

Materials kits are now available for both the Mrs. Custis and the Mrs. Sandby patterns. Kits include all of the consumable materials needed for one cap (Linen fabric, Linen thread, and cotton tape). All kits include two pieces of fabric, as the ruffles come pre-cut and ready for you to start stitching! I will always provide linen cut on the straight of grain so that you know you are getting an accurate measure, and you can easily use the pattern pieces with confidence.

Hardware kits include extra tools that you will need to hand sew your cap (needles, pins, thread wax, and a thread winder). I offer these materials separately so that you do not need to duplicate items you may already own. I truly believe in reducing waste as much as possible, and I feel that this is a small (but important) step towards that goal. I include two different sizes of needles, as certain stitches flow more easily with the "correct" needle, but this is also a great way to experiment with tools and find out what fits your sewing style best.

With sustainability in mind, I am also committed to using recycled/recyclable packing materials as much as possible. This does mean a slightly higher cost and that I am unable to provide free shipping. However, I feel confident that this is the best choice in the long run!

Additionally, I am able to offer a few ribbon choices for those who would like to add this decoration to their caps. One yard of ribbon is typically enough to tie around your head and create a small bow, but purchase two or more yards if you want to get more intricate than that.

Finally, keep an eye out - paper patterns are coming SOON, and I'm also working on putting together a sewalong that will provide a supportive, fun group experience (Cap Club, anyone?) and will be announcing more details on that soon.

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