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Beautiful Cotton Lace!

Gorgeous, 100% French cotton laces are now available in the Goodwives Linens Etsy shop!

Looking for natural-fiber lace that is appropriate for your next historical project? We have you covered! There are now three styles of lace in the GL Etsy store, appropriate for a variety of eras and projects.

Our "Spot" lace is available in both edging and insertion, and coordinates perfectly for those projects where you need both options. This style of lace, while simple, shows up in images from the 18th century through the early 19th century and beyond. It is perfect for edging cap ruffles and sleeve ruffles, as well as kerchiefs.

The "Daisy Chain" lace is also available as both edging and insertion, and is similar to images of flowered lace from the 18th through 19th centuries. It would also be lovely used in Victorian and Edwardian applications.

Finally, the "Scallop" edging lace just begs to be used on all of the fluffy, frothy under layers that create the Victorian and Edwardian silhouettes. This edging combines the appeal of polka dots and art nouveau arches, and is the perfect addition for chemises, cost-covers, petticoats and more. It would also look stunning on an Edwardian blouse or "guimpe" under-blouse.

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