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Costume Accessories for the Historically Minded
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The "Mrs. Pitcher" - an 18th century Cap

While the story of Molly Pitcher makes for a great anecdote, the details of this fabled woman have been much debated. On the surface, it...

Exciting Shop Updates!

I am SO pleased to announce that materials kits, supplies, and a small selection of ribbons are now available in the Goodwives Linens...

The "Mrs. Sandby" - an 18th Century Lappet Cap

Have you wanted to try a lappet cap, but feel that they are too "frumpy" or fussy? This is an excellent option for expanding your...

The "Mrs. Custis" - an 18th Century Cap

If you are looking for a versatile cap pattern for impressions dating 1750-1770, look no further! This cap is based on portraits and...

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