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Welcome to Goodwives Linens!

Thank you for stopping by! Here you can find all of the inspiration and resources that will help you get the most out of the patterns, accessories, and materials that you can find on the Goodwives Linens Etsy store. We also have links for our other media outlets, including Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes shots, daily inspiration, and maybe even a few cat photos. We would love to connect with you there and see what you have made using our patterns and products. Please tag us @GoodwivesLinens, and use our hashtags to share your work and find others who have made our designs.

On Pinterest, find boards specific to each of our designs with research and inspiration documents that helped guide the development of each of our unique accessories. This is a great place to go if you are looking to find information on appropriate time periods for a design, want to document the use of an item to a particular region or social class, or would like ideas on how to style items to achieve a particular look to match your persona.

YouTube videos will be coming soon to also help you choose the right pattern for your goals, and we will be posting product overviews, comparing items side by side, and providing general tips and tricks for making and wearing our designs.

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