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Pretty Practical Pin Plates!

I was wandering through a thrift store recently when

inspiration struck! A good friend of mine ( came up with the idea of magnetic pin dishes using up cycled, vintage china several years ago, and I recently started a new creative foray into polymer clay. What if .... I combined the two?! I spoke with Jess and got the green light to use her idea, and this idea simply took off!

What I love about these dishes is that each vintage piece I find to use gives me new inspiration and scope for something truly original and unique. No two pieces will ever be completely alike, and novelty feeds my creative soul. I love finding new patterns and letting my creativity run free as I make each dish. Most of my inspirations come from nature and the colors on the dishes themselves, and each piece comes together as a harmonious whole.

Because each dish is different to begin with, different features are possible. Most dishes will have a magnet included, to keep pins in place (and not on your floor!) - though some simply don't have room for this. I put green wool felt on the bottom of each dish to protect surfaces (especially because many of the dishes I find have been used well and have some chips on their edges).

My favorite feature to include is an additional cushion to hold needles! I hate when I lose a needle in a pile of pins, and this gives you a convenient and secure spot to hold your needle while working. Most dishes aren't big enough for this feature, so it's extra special when I find one that fits just right.

I've also found that these accessories are great for a variety of uses. Not only can they hold sewing pins, but they're also great for corralling hair pins, bobby pins, and jewelry. I use one next to my kitchen sink to keep track of my rings!

Be sure to check my Etsy store ( to see all the designs currently available - I will be adding new dishes as the muse strikes! (And if you have an idea for something special or specific, send me an email - I may have something in my stash that would work for you!)

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